"The non-conformance reduction attributed to the technology for the particular machining issues FMS was brought in to resolve has been nothing short of fantastic." JH - Manufacturing Engineer
"Very attractive from a number of angles; reduced hazardous waste, improved component quality, reduced life cycle costs, less scrap…" NM - Global Head of Environment

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but whilst it's being built, here's just a few important facts to consider...

FMS has a modern approach and proven expertise in reducing the cost and impacts of coolants and lubricants in high performance manufacturing environments.

  • FMS expects to reduce your operating costs by as much as 20% over typical industry approaches to managing 'Back End' machining processes. Significant and worth doing? Definitely.
  • Disruption can be a positive thing! Disrupting ‘Back End’ processes will reduce costs and risks for the business, whilst supporting 'front end' activiites - reducing consumable spend, factory waste output and enhancing productivity.

Why not get in touch to discuss how you can benefit from our involvement and intervention.

"FMS have reduced our production costs, environmental impact and improved productivity. Great result." SM - Tool Room Manager
"Very satisfied with the performance and efficiency. The one and only choice for filtration." JD - Engineering Director