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Our comprehensive approach to advanced fluid maintenance in high performance manufacturing environments means that we begin by understanding your operation and establish root cause issues before delivering closed-loop solutions.

FMS provide expertise in: -

Fluid Impact Review

An ideal starting point; a “hands on” assessment of your fluid-related impacts with the clear objective of reducing cost and increasing value in terms of quality, operational and environmental performance.

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IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions

An advanced, consumable-free and superbly reliable process applied to the whole cutting fluid volume for removal of both particles and tramp oils, a capability unique to IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions. IFDR’s are proven to radically extend tool life and improve machinability in high performance machining applications.

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Advanced Revert Management

Maximising the recovery, yield and value of metals in all forms - from bar ends to swarf and even the sump sludge and grinding fines which traditionally offer no or low-value returns - to (or near to) parent alloy status. Facilitated by our unique SMR process via our joint venture with the Fondel Group.

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Renewing for Reuse

Analysis and on-site recycling of production fluids to conserve resources, reduce waste and improve process reliability.

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Fluid Maintenance Solutions are also able to discuss your requirements in the following areas; Chip and swarf management, Chip removal and fluid filtration, Tramp oil separation, Coolant recycling, Coolant filtration, Paper filtration, Media filtration, Media free filtration, Magnetic separation, Coolant disposal, Sump life, CNC filtration, Bag filters, High pressure coolant, Increase tool life, Revert Management, Swarf recycling, Briquetting, Tramp oil, CNC Machining Fluids.

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