High Performance Machining & Grinding Platforms

With high performance grinding operations such as Viper and single platform mill-turn-grind operations set to become the norm, the need for sustainable precision filtration performance has never been so important, particularly when increased precision and component surface quality is sought.

Traditional filtration systems typically fail to provide adequate particle removal which can have serious consequences, including: -

  • Increasing the risk of surface quality defects
  • Increased wear on tools, spindles, pumps, jigs and fixtures, resulting in frequent maintenance interventions
  • Greater environmental impact due to poor fluid life, frequent sump dumps and higher disposal costs
  • Increased consumable media purchase, stocking and disposal costs

These costly impacts, which all contribute to increasing the cost per part, no longer need to be accepted as normal consequences of production.

Viper Grinding Machine IFDR precision filtration solutions have a proven track record of helping manufacturers to reduce cost per part, either as a retrofit to existing machine tools or specified as part of a new platform installation.  Operating on the simple premise of processing the whole fluid volume to remove particles and tramp oil before returning the clean fluid direct to point of use under variable flow and pressure requirements, the IFDR not only optimises fluid performance but also reduces the risks and impacts of traditional filtration systems.


Mercury CentreIndependent analysis from the University of Sheffield’s Mercury Centre verified the capability of IFDR in an aerospace grinding application. 90% of residual contamination in the fluid, post IFDR, was less than 1.9µ with none above 6µ. This sets a new benchmark for element-less filtration performance.

Improved resource efficiency comes from the complete fluid delivery solution, extending sump life and reducing fluid expenditure typically by 50% and fluid disposal by 90%. Increased metal recovery comes from the immediate extraction of finer particles which would otherwise settle in the sump as sludges; this can be recycled and reintroduced into metal manufacturing through our joint venture with the Fondel Group.

Fluid supply experts acknowledge that “the best way to improve fluid performance is to keep it clean” and by removing the root cause of contamination at source the risk of traditional impacts on productivity, maintenance, health, safety and environment will be significantly reduced.

In high performance machining applications, IFDR has been proven to: -

  • Reduce risk of component surface quality defects
  • Extend tool life and wheel dressing intervals
  • Eliminate component clamping and setting errors
  • Recover high value metal particulates immediately for recycling
  • Reduce health and safety risk by limiting micro bacterial growth
  • Remove tramp oil
  • Extend fluid life
  • Improve fluid chiller reliability and performance

The central benefit of the IFDR solution is overall reduction in cost per part - in both monetary and
environmental terms.