Root Cause Problem Solving

Increasing pressures to reduce cycle times, improve process efficiencies - and ultimately reduce cost per part - mean that the importance of overcoming the problems created by traditional filtration systems has never been more critical.

Root Cause Problem SolvingAs we strive for improved component quality and right- first-time manufacture the need for a stable fluid delivery process with high degrees of reliability, which will lead to increased spindle up-time, is paramount.

Many common problems occurring during machining operations can be attributed to excessive contamination of tramp oils and particulates remaining in the fluid stream and returning to the cut.

Modernising your process with IFDR precision filtration solutions will significantly reduce the risk associated with traditional filtration systems.

Spindle Wear due to ingress of particles

The risk of spindle damage increases and reliability reduces with contaminated coolant. Ingress of particulates during ATC’s will cause tool misalignment.

Spindle Wear
Tool Wear due to increased friction

Residual contamination can remain within the fluid stream and ingress the interface between tool and component. Increasing the risk of friction, heat generation and further tool wear.

Tool Wear
Tool Failure due to residual build up

Blockage of coolant pipes due to build-up of residual contamination will lead to coolant starvation resulting in significant heat generation and tool failure. Failure of taps and drills during deep hole work are common occurrence.

Tool Failure
Component surface quality and tolerance

As dimensional tolerances on high precision parts become tighter, the relationship between dimensional tolerances, form tolerances and surface finish quality are more important. Residual contamination within the fluid stream, particularly in high pressure delivery applications increases the risk of impingement, non-conformance and additional downstream work.

Tolerance Costs Graph

Component surface quality and tolerance
Maintenance Interventions & Waste generation
  • Wash down, sump dig out and tramp oil removal
  • Pump wear & consumable media replacement

All caused by contamination recirculating in the fluid.


Maintenance Interventions & Waste generation