IFDR Filtration Solution Improved Productivity Study

Elimination of through spindle tool blockage and machine maintenance.

Customer: D.D. SRL - www.dd-srl.it
Application: Aluminium alloy machining
Machine: Mandelli Horizontal Machining Centre
MWF Pressure: 40 Bar

Original Production Issues

The original filtration system was bulky and unable to remove all aluminium particles and tramp oil from the fluids. This caused: -

  • Poor tool life due to through coolant drills blocking
  • Pump problems, filtration system unable to adequately remove the finer particles of Aluminium from the metalworking fluid.


This had an impact on the productivity of the machine causing: -

  • Loss in productivity due to high maintenance
  • Limited fluid life due to tramp oil contamination
  • Poor Surface Finish


After consultation with our client, we installed an RBM IFDR 400/40 Filtration Solution. This was installed in April 2008.


Health & Safety

  • Reduced waste & bacterial growth
  • Reduction in sump side biocide additions


  • Reduced waste disposal
  • Lower fluid purchase (sump life prolonged)


  • Tool life tripled
  • Surface finish improved
  • Maximised machine availability
Original Filtration System Original Filtration System - bulky and unable to remove all aluminium particles RBM IFDR 400/40 Filtration Solution RBM IFDR 400/40 Filtration Solution - Installed April 2008