Made in Sheffield...

Made in Sheffield...

FMS enters into a joint venture with the Fondel Group. “Fondel Solutions is about combining industry expertise with the Fondel Group and our patent pending SMR process to maximise the yield and value of metals from sump sludges and grinding fines” explains Steve Thompson, Engineering Director from FMS.

The SMR process was originally supported by the Technology Strategy Board and shortlisted in the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2012 in the Best Health, Safety and Environmental practise category.

“What makes this process unique is the capability to process traditional hazardous waste streams that generate little or no value but add to environmental impacts and costs. This, of course, is of particular interest to advanced manufacturing companies working with high value metals, which are at risk of becoming scarce” continues Steve.

Fondel Solutions closes a loop to maximise the recovery of metals at source by combining the efficiency and reliability of the IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions with the infrastructure of the Fondel Group and the upstream and downstream capability to retain value of revert in all its forms.

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