IFDR Installation a triumph...

IFDR Installation a triumph...

After proving a 100% increase in parts per tool during an onsite trial, an international manufacturer of precision components for automotive powertrain applications is set to install multi IFDR solutions in their UK facility.

IFDR solutions are a step change in technical capability and process reliability and are a robust solution to maximise  coolant cleanliness in high performance machining applications.

“Our client trialled our IFDR demonstrator on an application which saw tool life declining , foaming issues with the coolant and sump dumps every few weeks.  the results during the IFDR trial were described as “brilliant” , so much so, the original plan to purchase one IFDR unit has increased to three with further plans to utilise IFDR on new machine tool purchases later in the year ”  says Steve Thompson, Engineering Director at FMS. “all the benefits of IFDR were clearly demonstrated which will significantly reduce the operating costs of this cell”.

IFDR technology is about maximising the cleanliness of your metalworking fluid in order to maximise the operational, environmental and financial performance of any high precision machining application.

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