FMS showcases IFDR technolgy to Hermann Hauser at the AMRC

FMS showcases IFDR technolgy to Hermann Hauser at the AMRC

FMS were invited to be present for a tour of the AMRC Factory of the Future by Hermann Hauser. Dr Hauser was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to write a report on technology and innovation in the UK, which contributed to the government's fund for Technology and Innovation (Catapult) Centres.

As an SME FMS has benefitted greatly form the partnership at the AMRC. Working with the Process Technology Group Machinability Team has highlighted the increased risks created by traditional filtration systems supplied with machine tools of contamination remaining in the cutting fluid and the negative impact this may have on machinability, the environment and ongoing costs to business.

The importance of cutting fluid cleanliness in high performance machining and grinding applications is being increasingly recognized and the launch of RBM's IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions at MACH2014 was the culmination of 2 years verification by FMS to demonstrate the capbaility of this technology at the AMRC. IFDR solutions have the capability to sustain fluid cleanliness without the need for consumable filtration media and have proven to improve tool life, productivity and quality, minimise environmental impact and ultimately reduce the cost-per-part produced.

FMS are also developing techniques which will enable a quick and reliable method to catergorise the actual contamination levels retained in cutting fluids and thereby the ability to assess the risk of this impacting at the point of cut. For high performance machining applications sump side checks on concentration, pH and bug growth are more aligned to health and safety aspects and not neccesarily the performance of the fluid. New fluid fills perform well, when the fluid delivery system is relatively free form contamination but the performance deterioates as contamination levels increase in traditional OEM supplied filtration systems. FMS will be bridging this process monitoring and management gap with the Retained Particle Analysis System.

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