FMS attends AMRC Tech Fellow conference 2014

FMS attends AMRC Tech Fellow conference 2014

The Sheffield City Region’s pioneering Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has unveiled plans to more than double its turnover to in excess of £80 million over the next five years.

Professor Keith Ridgway, executive dean of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, laid out the ambitious plans to representatives of some of the world’s leading advanced manufacturing companies.

He was speaking at the annual ‘Tech Fellows Conference,’ organised by the AMRC for its partners, who include Boeing, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Airbus.

FMS's Commercial Director Libby Thompson commented "It goes without saying the agility of  FMS has a positive impact on our larger partners at the AMRC and Tech Fellows gives the opportunity for us all to meet to understand what has been achieved and what is planned to help improve manufacuring performance across all sectors. With our partnership over the last two years the importance of fluid cleanliness and delivery in high pressure coolant systems is being undestood so we are very positive about the future impact we will have with our partners."

Tech Fellows Conference delegates heard from other presenters about the latest developments and research plans of AMRC groups pushing forward boundaries in the fields of design and prototyping, process technology and composites.

The Medical AMRC has been set up to applying the organisation’s expertise in developing advanced engineering techniques for the high-value aerospace and automotive sectors to the healthcare industry.

Meanwhile, work has already started on Factory 2050, which will be the new home of the AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group.

Factory 2050 will be the UK’s first totally reconfigurable factory and will develop ways of responding to requirements for increasingly flexible, automated factories capable of making a range of highly customisable products.


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