Solutions and Services

Our primary focus is to provide straightforward and robust solutions for high performance machining and grinding applications, which radically reduce cost and increase value for aerospace, automotive and other industry sectors.

The combination of precision filtration, immediate extraction of fines and sludge away from machine tools, coupled with the ability to recycle metal content into or near-to parent alloy status, is a unique solution. It helps manufacturers to streamline operations, improve quality, reduce environmental impact and ultimately reduce total cost per part.

IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions
Ideal for Companies wishing to standardise to guarantee optimal performance across all high performance machining and grinding platforms.
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Fluid Impact Review Fluid Impact Review
A hands on assessment of your fluid related impacts designed to reduce cost and increase value in terms of quality, operational and environmental performance. We call this reducing your Fluid Footprint.
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Advanced Revert Management Solutions Advanced Revert Management Solutions
Our in-house technology to recover and divert from landfill, metal rich sludge and grinding fines found at the bottom of machine sumps, was developed with support from the Technology Strategy Board and shortlisted in the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2012 in Best Health, Safety and Environmental category.
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Renewing for Reuse Renewing for Reuse
Recycling production fluids to conserve resources. We offer a bespoke service, on site, using our specialist equipment to recycle mineral oil lubricants, such as hydraulic, lubricating, drawing and stamping oils, for re-use within your plant and equipment.
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