Advanced Revert Management Solutions

Our joint venture with the Fondel Group,, enables FMS to offer advanced revert management solutions for the aerospace / IGT, medical and energy industries and other industries producing components from ‘critical alloys’ in high performance machining applications.

Fondel Solutions LimitedFondel MeltCombining the Fondel Group's proven industry expertise and our own patent-pending SMR process, the formation of Fondel Solutions Ltd provides the platform to offer a bespoke range of revert management services.

We maximise the recovery of metals in all forms, from bar ends to swarf and even the sump sludge and grinding fines which traditionally offer no or low-value returns. We restore to, or near to, parent alloy status, ensuring optimal value for our customers.

We are able to ‘close a loop’ to maximise the recovery of metals at source by combining the efficiency and reliability of the IFDR Precision Filtration Solutions with the infrastructure of the Fondel Group and the upstream and downstream capability to retain value of revert in all its forms.

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MWP Awards 2012 Health, Safety and Environmental Practice
The SMR process was originally supported by the Technology Strategy Board and shortlisted in the Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2012 in the Best Health, Safety and Environmental practice category.

Technology Strategy Board MWP Award 2012

What are the Benefits of Advanced Revert Management Solutions?
  • Adding value by recovering, segregating at source and re-using compatible material
  • Reduction of Hazardous waste processing and disposal costs
  • Increased compliance with environmental regulations and standards
  • Improved Corporate Social Responsibility profile
  • Provision of improved working environments