Fluid Impact Review

Our Fluid Impact Review (FIR) is a systematic, data-driven process designed to understand, identify and ultimately reduce the total cost of fluid use in your production processes. We call this your Fluid Footprint.

What does a Fluid Impact Review involve?

We begin with a preliminary scoping meeting with your organisation which typically involves people responsible for product quality, production and Health, Safety & Environment. The aim of the first meeting is to establish
current-state and future-state aspirations for your production environment.

A small task force, guided by FMS, will then collate the data and complete the process reviews necessary to determine your current fluid footprint.

Assuming access to the necessary data, we promise to deliver a timely diagnostic report detailing recommendations which will unlock operational, quality, environmental - and ultimately financial benefits - to deliver step change improvements.

We estimate a minimum of 25% reduction in your fluid footprint, resulting in significant and sustainable benefits which will enhance operating efficiency, improve quality and reduce your impact on the environment, all of which combine to deliver improved operational and financial performance.

Could you benefit from our Fluid Impact Review & a smaller fluid footprint?

  • Are you looking for sustainable cost savings?
  • Are you disposing of oils and lubricants from your production processes?
  • Do you wish to reduce the volume of virgin lubricants purchased?
  • Are you striving for zero factory waste?

If you have any questions or queries about our Fluid Impact Review, please contact us.

Features and Benefits

By adopting our recommendations we expect to achieve a minimum 25% reduction in your Fluid Footprint through: -

  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness
  • Increased fluid performance and lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance interventions
  • Reduced purchasing, disposal and environmental costs