Renewing for Reuse – Recycling Production Fluids to Conserve Resources

FMS offers a bespoke on-site service, using specialist equipment to recycle mineral oil lubricants, such as hydraulic, lubricating, drawing and stamping oils, for re-use within your plant and equipment. We can typically reduce your fluid purchase costs by as much as 50% and waste disposal costs by 90%.

Renewing for Reuse - Before and AfterCould you benefit from our Renewing for Reuse Programme?

Ask yourself these questions to identify the benefits that our Renewing for Reuse programme could bring to your business: -

  • Are you looking for sustainable cost savings?
  • Are you disposing of oils and lubricants from your production processes?
  • Do you wish to reduce the volume of virgin lubricants purchased?
  • Does the disposal of your waste oils and lubricants cost money?
  • Do you want to reduce the environmental impact of fluid disposal?
  • Would you like to save up to 50% on the above costs?

Major savings have been achieved through FMS’s onsite recycling service. FMS is a trusted supplier to IAC and through their commitment, expertise and methodical approach we have a greater understanding the use of lubricants have on our business and are improving in areas not identified by any previous supplier. With help from Fluid Maintenance Solutions we have reduced production costs and environmental impact and improved productivity...

Shaun Makin
Tool Room & Press Shop Manager - IAC

How do I get started on the Renewing for Reuse Programme?

It’s simple, contact FMS to discuss the costs and benefits of undergoing our Fluid Impact Review (FIR).

View our article featured in Lube Magazine...

A customer’s point of view is always a good place to start!

IAC Tool Room & Press Shop Manager, Shaun Makin, is targeted with cost savings, a key area of focus is the use of metalforming lubricants.

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